The Goal

Our goal here at MXS Battlegrounds is to reinvigorate a more realistic and competitive form of MX Simulator racing. MX Simulator racing up to this point has mostly been about self-accomplishment and pride. But what if there were actual stakes? Prizes in the form of cash payouts as well as physical rewards. However, there is a downside to this as things get legally complicated if you’re under the age of 18. To make sure that you’re aware of these terms, make sure you read our Terms of Service before you make an account.

The Website


The website was designed by Hugo Cressent and Jakob Hubbard. It is formatted to be as user-friendly and concise as possible. When you’re logged in, the website menus will be formatted like this:

Navigation Bar:
  • Home – Directs you to the home page.
  • Racing – Directs you to the championship archive page. You can view all championships from this page.
  • News – Directs you to the news archive page. This post here can be found there.
  • Members – Directs you to a list of all of our members. You can search for a member by UID or name here.
  • Teams – Directs you to a list of all teams created by members of the website. You can request to join a team or manage your own team from here.
  • Profile – Directs you to your profile page. You can edit your settings and see other information about yourself here.
  • Shop – Directs you to the shop where you can buy Battlecoins.
Home Menu:
  • GNC – Directs you to the GNC archive. You can view all GNCs from this page.
  • Live – Directs you to our live timing and scoring for all of our servers.
  • Rulebook – Directs you to a page with a formatted listing of all of our rules in competition.
  • Sponsors – Directs you to our active sponsors.
  • Terms of Service – Directs you to our Terms of Service Page outlined with all the information you should understand before creating an account.
  • About – Directs you to our about page (you’re currently here).
-Home Page-

The home page is split up into three columns: Latest Media, Upcoming Races, and News. In Latest Media, you will find our most recent media coverage of racing, whether that be a stream or an edit. Underneath the media lays the home menu and a link to our discord server. Upcoming Races has any upcoming races within the near future. There will be timers that display when qualifying is either close to opening or the race is close to starting. If there are no upcoming races, this column will be blank. News holds our latest news posts. You can see any updates that we’re giving through here. If there are no news posts, this column will be non-existent.

-Race Page-

Each race page will be split up into four separate tabs: Race Info, Entry List, Qualifying, and Results. Race Info holds all the necessary race information, including qualifying servers, race server, track link, qualifying start time, race start time, etc. If the series is a paid series and you haven’t bought a pass yet, you can purchase a pass from this tab using Battlecoins. Entry List shows all users that have signed up for the current race with their name, UID, and number. To sign up for a race, you go to this tab and press the sign up button in the upper right-hand corner. If you’ve already signed up for the max number of classes and have signed up for at least one class, that button will be replaced with a remove sign up button. Qualifying shows all qualifying times in order of time from the start of qualifying for the race. Qualifying times are updated manually by administrators, so don’t expect your times to go in right after you’ve ran them. Users who haven’t ran laps will be put at the back of the list in order of when they signed up. Results shows the results for each race in each category. To navigate to each one of these tabs click the arrows on the screen. If you are on mobile you navigate the tabs by swiping left or right on your device.

-Championship Page-

Each championship page will be split up into three separate tabs: Championship Info, Schedule, and Standings. Championship Info shows any championship info that the administrators have set up. Schedule shows each round for the category selected in the dropdown. The newest upcoming race will display at the top if there is an upcoming race. Below that the rest of the rounds, with mini podium results if results are posted. If no results are posted and the race has finished, it will display an image with a caption results coming soon. Standings will display the ordered standings for the category selected.

-GNC Archive-

The GNC Archive holds all the Grand National Championships which are standings that are a collection of championship standings. These GNCs will determine new numbers for the next series. The GNC archive shows 1.5x the amount of people that get a new career number. So if top 10 can get new career numbers, then 15 people will be displayed on the GNC archive for that GNC. You can view the full standings by clicking view full standings, regarding that there is standings in the GNC. You can also view the rules of the GNC by clicking the information icon in the top right of the tab.

Terms of Service/Privacy Policy

Make sure to take a look at our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding these documents, you can email support@mxbattlegrounds.com.