MXS Battlegrounds Official Rulebook



MXS Battlegrounds reserves the right to append the rulebook at any time. This may be done in “special case” circumstances. MXS Battlegrounds may also change a previous ruling if we see fit to do so.


By signing up for a sanctioned event you have agreed to abide by the MXS Battlegrounds policies outlined in this rulebook. MXS Battlegrounds participants are held responsible for knowing and understanding all rules contained in this document. It should also be noted that even if something is not outlined in this document, that does not mean we cannot penalize you for it. This document is meant to be a guideline, but not cover 100% of cases.

Respectful Conduct

MXS Battlegrounds participants must conduct themselves in a professional manner in all publically displayed outlets. This includes the in-game chat, streaming chat, forums, YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and other communication outlets. Personal attacks, threats, and other malicious activities toward MXS Battlegrounds members will not be tolerated and offenders will be subject to a ban.

Age Requirement

You must be at least 13 years old to participate in MXS Battlegrounds sanctioned events. You must be at least 18 years old to receive prizes from MXS Battlegrounds.

MXS Battlegrounds Account

It is MXS Battlegrounds policy that every member only owns 1 account, even if you have multiple UIDs. If you need to update your account with a new UID, contact support. If we suspect a member of owning multiple accounts or having access to another member’s account, and we have a degree of proof, we reserve the right to terminate both accounts and ban both members. Account termination is permanent, any subsequent accounts created with already banned UIDs will also be terminated.

False Identity

It is against MXS Battlegrounds policy to race under another member’s name or UID. If a member is caught racing under another member’s identity, both the imposter and the account owner will be banned indefinitely. If you are accused of ‘key sharing’, you will have the opportunity to prove your innocence before any punishments are conducted. MXS Battlegrounds has a zero tolerance policy for key sharing, and all key sharing-related bans are permanent and non-negotiable.

General Rules

This section contains general rules which pertain to MXS Battlegrounds events

Name and Number

Naming Convention

MXS Battlegrounds enforces a naming convention. All members, participating or spectating, are expected to follow the naming convention when connected to any MXS Battlegrounds servers. Your in-game name must be free of all types of profanity, slurs, and unprofessional vocabulary.

<First Name> <Last Name> | <Team Name>
Jakob Hubbard | Phil’s

Numbering System

MXS Battlegrounds uses a variety of systems and rules to apply rider numbers for each series and event. This includes members choosing any number they’d like for events and series’ without a GNC (Grand National Championship) attached to them, or designating specific numbers to riders based on their previous season’s overall finishes.

MXS Battlegrounds members will have the opportunity to choose a series number before signing up for an event if said event is not under the enforcement of a series GNC, or if the rider has not earned a number for the series.

If a rider has earned a number for a series through a series GNC, they are expected to run that number in-game for the events under said series. MXS Battlegrounds staff will not punish anyone running the incorrect number without a formal protest submitted by another member. If a member submits a protest against you for a number violation, you can expect a warning, followed by punishments for subsequent violations.

GNC System

The MXS Battlegrounds GNC system employs several GNCs for different series. The system is dynamic, and GNCs can differ from one depending on the series and how it’s run. A GNC is a separate points standings list used to determine a member’s number for the subsequent year. Below is an example of a basic GNC concept.

Example GNC
  • Each GNC is attached to a specific series or series’
  • Each member who participated in an event in a series is automatically included in the GNC for that series.
  • After each event in the series, the points every rider earned in said event will be added to their GNC points standings.
  • After the series has concluded, the GNC will finalize. Each rider is given a number based on their position in the GNC.
  • Some GNCs may include a “career number threshold”.
  • A career number threshold is the range of positions a rider must finish in to earn a career number.
  • If a member earns a career number, they are able to choose any number they want on the available numbers list.
  • Career numbers are permanent unless a member exceeds a certain time period without scoring a certain amount of points outlined in the GNC.
  • Some GNCs may reserve a range of numbers for champions only.



In order to participate in an MXS Battlegrounds event, you must sign up for said event. Signups are exclusively on, we will not ask you to sign up or insert any personal information through any other platform. Signing up and qualifying for an event is required to participate.


Qualifying rules vary from event to event. Please educate yourself on the qualifying rules for each event before signing up.

Race order, start time, date and other rules vary from event to event. Please educate yourself on the race format before signing up for an event.


MXS Battlegrounds events have a variety of class types, sizes, and class rules. Each event and series is unique. Please make sure to educate yourself on each series class rules and regulations before participation.


MXS Battlegrounds offers 4 licenses to members. Each member will need to request a license through our site in order to receive one. Members without licenses will not be able to participate in MXS Battlegrounds events. Below is a list of our licenses and their eligibility rules. Every license request will be reviewed by MXS Battlegrounds staff, and we will, to the best of our ability, asses each rider and accept requests if the license requested suits the rider. If the license requested does not suit the riders ability, staff may assign the rider with the appropriate license or simply deny the request if the rider already has a license that suits them.

C License

C licenses are reserved for new racers. Racers with the C license are expected to compete on a lower level, with more chaotic racing. MXS Battlegrounds staff will have more leniency for aggressive racing and penalty distribution. C class racers are expected to race as respectfully as their ability allows. MXS Battlegrounds staff may ‘bump’ a rider’s license up to the B license if it is deemed the rider’s ability is too high for the C license.

B License

B licenses are reserved for riders who have proven themselves to be capable, clean racers. B class racers are expected to race clean, and practice basic racing etiquette. Under rare circumstances, MXS Battlegrounds staff may ‘bump’ a rider’s license up to an A if it is deemed the rider’s ability is too high for the B license. A rider will never be bumped down to a C license.

A License

A licenses are reserved for riders with the ability to compete on a semi-professional level. A class license requests are carefully reviewed as to upkeep the standard of our ‘pro’ classes. A class riders are held to a high standard, expected to race cleanly and respectfully at all times. Protests and penalties are more strict. Under rare circumstances, MXS Battlegrounds staff may ‘bump’ a rider’s license down to a B license if it is deemed the rider’s ability is too low for the A license.

Pro License

Pro licenses are reserved for the very best racers in the game. Riders with the pro license are expected to compete on a professional level. Pro licensed riders are held to the highest standard possible, and will be expected race cleanly and respectfully at all times. Pro licenses are not guaranteed, no matter how good a rider is, to protect the high standard of professional racing. A pro license can be stripped of a rider at any time by MXS Battlegrounds staff.

Aggressive Riding

Aggressive racing happens in all forms of motorsport, virtual or otherwise. This is an expected part of the experience. However, overly-aggressive riding can disrupt the integrity of the racing environment, and can be subject to warning or penalties depending on the severity. Without a formally submitted protest for overly-aggressive riding, MXS Battlegrounds staff will very rarely take action under extreme cases.

Riding After the Finish of a Race

Continuing to ride after you have finished a race may cause you to unintentionally affect the racers who have not yet finished. This is a protestable offense and can lead to penalties.


Any form of cheating, game tampering, or exploiting bugs/unintentional game designs to gain an advantage will lead to a penalty ranging from a warning to a permanent ban.


Red Flag

Races may be red flagged at any time. Red flags are utilized when a race must be reset due to a missing rider, a mistake by a race host ect. Red flags will only be used when absolutely necessary.

Blue Flag

The blue flag is utilized by MX Simulator when a rider is being lapped by showing said rider a blue bar at the bottom of their screen. When this blue bar is shown, it will show the number of the rider who is lapping them, and the gap in seconds (up to 3). If a rider gets the blue flag, he is expected to allow the rider lapping them to easily get by. Riders are not expected to completely stop, or jump off the track, but they are expected to calmly make room, and allow for an easy overtake.

Black Flag

Misconduct and rule-breaking during a race may result in a black flag. Based on MXS Battlegrounds discretion, we may black flag a racer or spectator who we deem to be breaking the rules.

Re-Joining the Race After a Crash

From On Track

Racers who are recovering from a crash are expected to make an effort to safely rejoin the racing without interfering with any other riders. Racers who unsafely rejoin racing, intentional or not, are subject to warnings or penalties.

From Off Track

When re-entering the race track, riders need to be aware of incoming racers to that section. Riders are expected to rejoin the track at the closest safe place, do not cut excessively and consistently to re-enter! Pulling onto the track un-safely may result in a penalty ranging from a warning to a suspension. We will expect riders to avoid other riders entering the track within reason. Make room for riders to re-enter!


Racers are allowed to lean on the start (rider body forward and back). Backing up on the start is not permitted. Spinning your rear tire before the gate drop is not permitted. If you hit the gate by accident you are allowed to back up, if this becomes a pattern you may receive a penalty.

Lawyer Wins

In-game penalties count for official results. Take the time to examine the timing gates, and see where cuts may occur. A participant is responsible to know where the timing gates are. In extreme situations, an exception to this rule may be made.

In Game Chat

MXS Battlegrounds members are expected to be respectful of each other in chat or they may be muted in the server.

Miscellaneous Occurrences

MXS Battlegrounds is not obligated to delay an event due to things outside of the race hosts’ control. These occurrences include but are not limited to

  • Internet lag
  • Game crashes
  • Members being or needing to be AFK
  • Etc

MXS Battlegrounds events will be ran on a strict schedule to the best of the hosts’ ability. Hosts’ will not interrupt the schedule for any reason that isn’t absolutely necessary.


If you wish to protest a member for an incident during an MXS Battlegrounds event, please use the websites protest system. Members are expected to fill out every field and provide ample evidence. MXS Battlegrounds staff may disregard a protest if it does not provide enough information, if it is submitted incorrectly, or if it is submitted through another medium. Penalties ranging from a warning to suspension will be served sitewide. Protests open up after the race ends, and stay open for two days after the race concludes. After this point, they are no longer available.


All MXS Battlegrounds Prizes are not guaranteed. Prizes are subject to change at any time and should be viewed as a bonus, not as a requirement. Shipping fees may apply to prizes. In order to receive a prize the participant must be at least 18 years or older.

Open Door Policy

Feel free to message the discord bot ( or our support email ( at any time with questions or concerns, and as long as it is respectful, we will do our best to accommodate your questions and concerns the best we can. Don’t be discouraged if we don’t respond right away, as we oftentimes get really busy. If you are patient with us, we will be patient with you.
Have fun and GOOD LUCK!