2022 Fall Supercross Announcement

General Information

Welcome to the 2022 Fall Supercross presented by MXS Battlegrounds! This is our first official series, and we are excited for our launch. This features an 8 round supercross series with a wide variety of environments and unique settings. We have worked really hard to implement some awesome scripts to help improve the race quality experience for our racers! We have an incredible prize pool and a good platform for our races to be streamed.



You will purchase a season or race pass on the race page for a race/series. If you purchase the season pass on one race, you will not have to purchase anything else for the rest of the series. If you purchase a race pass, it will allow you to race that specific race.

Passes are bought directly with Battlecoins on the race page, you do not buy a pass then spend it on a series. You simply purchase the pass on that series directly with your Battlecoins. Battlecoins can be purchased from the shop page. Pass Prices for this series are as follows.

  • Race Pass – 200 Battlecoins (~$2 USD)
  • Season Pass – 1000 Battlecoins (~$10 USD)


Racing format will be standard AMA Supercross formatting.

  • Two 6 Minute + 1 Lap Heat Races per class
  • One 5 Minute + 1 Lap LCQ per class
  • One Main Event per class
    • 250 Pro – 15 Minutes + 1 Lap
    • 450 Pro – 20 Minutes + 1 Lap
    • 250 Am – 12 Minutes + 1 Lap
    • 450 Am – 15 Minutes + 1 Lap

A standard night show will be ran as follows.

  • 250 Heat 1
  • 250 Heat 2
  • 450 Heat 1
  • 450 Heat 2
  • 250 LCQ
  • 450 LCQ
  • 250 Main Event
  • 450 Main Event


Both Pro and Amateur will feature two classes, 250 and 450. The bikes restricted to these classes are as follows.

  • 250 – 250 4-strokes and 125 2-strokes
  • 450 – 450 4-strokes, 250 4-strokes, and 250-2 strokes

Required Licenses for each class are as follows.

  • 250 Amateur – B or C License
  • 450 Amateur – B or C License
  • 250 Pro – A or Pro License
  • 450 Pro – Pro License


** You must be 18 years old or over to receive prizes.

Prizes will include a prize pool cash pot and Phil’s Ski & Snowboard goggles. Our current pot sits at $2,050. This pot will be distributed among the classes of both pro and amateur. 55% of our earnings will go directly into the pot as well. So the more people that show up, the higher the pot goes. The amount of money that you make determines on your position that you finish each race. Prizes will be given out at the end of season to ensure that every rider will make the same amount for finishing a certain position.

Legally, minors are ineligible to receive cash. We will offer Battlecoins at an exchange rate for minors. We will have a cap at the max amount of Battlecoins that a minor can earn back, as going any higher could allow the rider to race Battlegrounds events for free until the end of time.

Riders can keep track of their income throughout the series through our google spreadsheet.


If you plan on racing the series, make sure you are aware and understanding of our rulebook. Also for this series, if we need slots open in the servers, we do have the ability to kick people from the server automatically if you’re not signed up.


Pro’s will pick a 3-digit number for this series. It will be used for our GNC. However since this is our first series and not everyone has skins for a 3-digit, you can run whatever number you’d like. Amateur’s will just run their fun race number, so pretty much whatever number they choose on their profile.

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