2022 Fall Supercross Round 2 Protests – Glacier View, AK

Protests will be a little scuffed in format this week because the person reviewing the protests did not save any useful information about them.

250 Am

Protested Player: Colten Hagler (uid: 26137)
Protested By: Collen Allen (uid: 24272)

Verdict: Colton makes a mistake before the big double, forcing him to roll. Colton was given the blue flag before he crested the take-off, and crashed a leader in the following turn intentionally. Colton proceeded to battle leaders and ride dangerously for the remainder of the race. He never made an attempt to make room for leaders. 2 week suspension for intentionally taking out leaders and disrespecting the blue flag.

Protested Player: Jayden Gomez (uid: 18665)
Protested By: Tyler More (uid: 44882)

Verdict: Jayden shifts up to 5th gear for the last corner and holds the gas on all the way into the position in front of him. Since this was for position, on the last corner and last lap, the penalty will only be a 1 week suspension. There is still a suspension because Jayden made no attempt to make a pass, only a take-out

Protested Player: Emmanuel Cepeda (uid: 10106)
Protested By: Johannes Strandberg (uid: 47804)

Verdict: Throughout the last few laps, Emmanuel does not respect the blue flag, and refuses to make room for leaders. Emmanuel was given the blue flag for #148 for an entire lap, before getting passed by #148 after a crash. Emmanuel then goes to the inside of the leader and makes contact, causing the leader to crash and lose a position. 1 week suspension due to Emmanuel making an attempt to avoid contact, but sliding into the leader

450 Am

Protested Player: Tyler More (uid: 44882)
Protested By: Johannes Strandberg (uid: 47804)

Verdict: Tyler does not make room for the leader for a lap, causing the leader to crash twice. 1 week suspension.

4 thoughts on “2022 Fall Supercross Round 2 Protests – Glacier View, AK

  • Christopher McPherson Jr
    December 6, 2022 at 11:13 pm

    In my opinion, the week suspension on Emmanuel is a bit unfair considering the circumstances with the traction and that it’s an AMs class. He really didn’t have many options considering the leader singled and reentered in the racing line and Emmanuel would have ran into the back of him had he taken the normal line. He did the only thing he could to still make the corner on track and attempt to avoid contact.

        • Jakob Hubbard
          December 9, 2022 at 1:07 am

          I just copy pasted the protest reviewer’s text that they left but I think the assumption is that it was a combination of disrespecting the blue flag and making contact with the leaders.

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