2022 Fall Supercross Round 3 Protests – Blackwater, AZ

450 Pro

Protested Player: Riley Hughan (uid: 23127)
Protested by: Alec Horn (uid: 19554)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 13:15, 14:30
Incident: Lag was insane. Phases through the jump and kills me in a corner.

Verdict: Riley’s connection to the server causes two avoidable crashes.  Warning for lag related incident.  If this continues to be an issue, Riley will unfortunately be unable to race the series.

250 Pro

Protested Player: Dalton Plessinger (uid: 14796)
Protested by: Casey Cochran (uid: 22060)
Race: Heat 2
Demo Time: Last lap of heat
Incident: wont move for leader and takes me out on purpose perma ban def needed

Verdict: Dalton gets the blue flag at 5:36, and does not move for the leader for an entire whole lap. On the final lap, Dalton cross jumps the leader causing him to go down.  Upon further review, it does not seem like Dalton was targeting like the protester suggests.  However, Dalton did have many opportunities to move for the leader and did not, and caused the leader to crash because of this.  1 week suspension for failure to waiver for the blue flag and causing a leader to crash.

450 Am

Protested Player: Ethan Commodore (uid: 23829)
Protested by: Noah Karassy (uid: 19791)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 6:09-ish
Incident: t-boned me when i went to lap him

Verdict: Ethan receives the blue flag to move for Noah at around 5:40.  Ethan receives multiple opportunities to move for the leader.  Then once he gets lapped, he takes out the leader with no intention of stopping for the corner.  This is a blatant form of targeting and will not be accepted. 6 week suspension for targeting a leader as a lapper.

250 Am

Protested Player: Collin Clark (uid: 32476)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 7:30
Incident: gets sketchy in whoops and hits me from it then comes and takes me out again after he gets up also just generally a hazard on the track causing many accidents

Verdict: Collin gets sketchy in the whoops and causes himself to hit another rider, this is a racing incident.  However, Collin rejoins the race unsafely twice causing him to hit the same rider again. Warning for rejoining the race in an unsafe manner.

Protested Player: Tyler Anderson (uid: 24861)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: Heat and Main
Demo Time: All Race
Incident: Hazard

Verdict: Invalid protest, protest is too broad and vague.  No specific incident given. No Penalty.

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