2022 Fall Supercross Round 4 Protests – Chesterfield, FL

250 Pro

Protested Player: Casey Cochran (uid: 22060)
Protested by: Austin Schafer (uid: 36799)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 14:04
Incident: Comes through the whoops In 5th gear with no intention of turning while hes a lap down in 16th and goes flying into the other lane

Verdict: Casey Attempts to take out Austin, who is a leader, but misses. There is context behind the takeout so no suspension/ban. However, Casey has been disqualified from the race.  Positions docked to 22nd and stripped of any prize earnings from the round.

450 Am

Protested Player: Johannes Strandberg (uid: 47804)
Protested by: Loris Modard (uid: 23106)
Race: Heat 2
Demo Time: 7:15
Incident: Johannes takes me out on purpose

Verdict: Johannes gets passed on the inside in the sand, and attempts to cut underneath to make a counter pass, causing him to lose control and ride into Loris’ line. Racing incident, no penalty.

250 Am

Protested Player: Jimmy Griffin (uid: 31491)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: LCQ
Demo Time: 1:17
Incident: Cross jumps off track then cross jumps back onto it.

Verdict: Jimmy jumps outside of the bales in a rhythm section, and jumps back onto the main track, taking out another rider. Warning for unsafe track re-entry.

Protested Player: Dj Carawan (uid: 29178)
Protested by: Jace Williams (uid: 43203)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 5:13-5:50
Incident: He gets the blue flag early in the lap and proceeds to ride like no one is behind him he had multiple opportunities to let me pass and move on with the moto but he proceeds to ride like a moron and takes me out I ran into the back of him which was my mistake but he had so many chances to let me pass.

Verdict: DJ does not obey the blue flag, eventually causing a collision with a leader. DJ does not intentionally take out the leader and holds a line out of the main line. Therefore, only a warning. Warning for not obeying blue flag.

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