2022 Fall Supercross Round 6 Protests – Virginia Beach, VA

450 Pro

Protested Player: Caleb Hall (uid: 10047)
Protested by: Alec Horn (uid: 19554)
Race: Heat 2
Demo Time: 0:47, 2:54
Incident: First incident, rider cross jumps me after the wall with no attempt to avoid or correct. Second incident speaks for itself.

Verdict: In the first incident, both Alec and Caleb cross jump each other with no intentions behind it. Racing Incident. Prior to the second incident, Caleb and Alec both get very close together and have some sketchy moments causing one or the other to crash.  But during the second incident Alec aggressively blocks the inside line more than likely knowing that Caleb was on his inside. Caleb then expresses his frustrations by taking Alec out with no intention of stopping for the corner. The targeting in this scenario will result in a 1 week suspension for Caleb.

450 Am

Protested Player: Oliver Kamp (uid: 42934)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: LCQ
Demo Time: 1:27-1:38
Incident: Rider crosses to another section of the track then rides straight into me.

Verdict: Oliver is in last place significantly and cuts the track to intentionally take out another rider. Upon further inspection, Oliver was cleaning out every rider within sight during the LCQ and did not even try to race. This is disrespectful to all the other riders and the racing series in general. This will be a ban until further notice.

Protested Player: Alex Cunningham (uid: 7878)
Protested by: Loris Modard (uid: 23106)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 13:55
Incident: Alex races me while he should let me by, and goes down, and collides with me in the crash. He should get penalized for not respecting blue flag and taking out leader (even if it’s unintentional, it should have been like that…)

Verdict: Alex gets up from a crash and does not get the blue bar until he crashes. It is possible that he could have known that was a leader, but there’s no way to know for sure. Loris unfortunately hits Alex’s flying body from the crash causing Loris to crash. If the blue bar had been there, then this could have resulted in a penalty. However, since this was clearly not intentional and there’s no clear way for Alex to have known he was being lapped. This is a racing incident.

250 Am

Protested Player: Max Vohland (uid: 47539)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 2:00-2:08
Incident: Rider comes up the inside and punts

Verdict: Max makes an aggressive but clean pass on the inside of Carson. No signs of targeting, no track cut. Just a clean aggressive pass. No penalty.

Protested Player: Jordan Miller (uid: 36618)
Protested by: Carson Mainquist (uid: 41611)
Race: Main Event
Demo Time: 13:17, 13:40, and 16:13
Incident: Punts Me and Brake checks in attempts to clean me.

Verdict: In the first incident, Jordan makes an aggressive pass that causes himself and Carson to go down. In the second incident it looks like Jordan makes an attempted pass but backs out of it at the last second as to not make contact. In the final incident Jordan and Carson make contact mid-air on the quad and then Jordan brake checks Carson causing him to go down on the final lap of the race. This did not cause Carson to lose positions and probably would’ve not gained him any positions other than Jordan staying up. Warning for aggressive racing.

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